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Gerbil with red nose...

Hey, there, I posted a few weeks ago about a troop of gerbils we adopted from the MSPCA. Well, one of the girls has developed this "red nose" business I've read about; I noticed it two days ago. The other three gerbils do not seem to be having any problems and most of the sites of found discussing red nose suggest changing the bedding to Carefresh, however the gerbils have been on Carefresh for the entire time they've lived with us. Other sites suggested applying Neosporin for five days, we've done that (with great difficulty because the girls are still a bit skittish) for the past two days. Obviously if it doesn't clear up she'll be going to the vet, but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this red nose problem with your gerbils and what you did about it. Thanks in advance!
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