Violet Foxx (violet_foxx) wrote in gerbilowners,
Violet Foxx

Made a trip to a neighboring town and brought home two babies. :)

Meet 8-Bit and Synth! Both siamese colored, 8-Bit is the darker one.

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Awww they are really cute!
Thank you! I love em. :)
Very cute! I especially love 8-bit's coloring.
8-Bit is very pretty. I'm hoping Synth's points will darken, but for now it's at least easy to tell them apart. :P
Yay! Aren't they pretty?
They're very pretty! I was so excited when I saw them. I haven't seen siamese colored gerbs in a long while.
Adorable! I love Siamese gerbs x3 Nice names too ;D
Thanks! :D