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Gerbil Love

Fans and owners of the pet gerbil!
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to gerbilowners!

We're a community to discuss all things regarding gerbils (gerbil care, food, enclosures, health, etc.).

You do not need to own a gerbil to become a member.

You're more than welcome to:

- post pictures of your gerbil(s)

- tell us stories about your gerbil(s)

- ask questions about gerbil care

- help people out who aren't as gerbil savvy as yourself

You should not:

- troll the community/ start drama

- act elitist about certain issues (after all everyone here loves their critters and deeply cares about them!)

- be rude, mean, or act like an ass in any way

- continue community arguments into members' journals

- promote communities unless they are in any way related to gerbils

Your moderators are allthingsnoisy and iguanasrevenge.